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In addition to our Neglected Histories of Arkansas Contest publication (Fall 2018) and Erin Wood's Women Makers of Arkansas project (Spring 2019), these exciting titles are forthcoming from Et Alia. 

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Black & Kiddo

Brenda Clem Black

Hear the music of a singing cowboy—who almost becomes Roy Rogers—as he finds love with a hat-wearing, quirky lady. Their coming-of-age stories converge, revealing lives honed by life-threatening hardship in the flatlands of Texas, the high plains of New Mexico, and the green hills of the Arkansas Ozarks. In an unlikely “Land of Opportunity,” their young sons rise, and Black & Kiddo turn weathered hands to new work, heartened by the long arc of dreams.


August 15, 2018



One of only three purse museums in the world, ESSE Purse Museum & Store is the culmination of owner Anita Davis’ dream of exploring concepts of art, history, and the feminine. The name ESSE comes from the Latin infinitive for “to be,” which embodies what visitors will find in the museum: that a purse is not just a utilitarian bag in which a woman carries her necessities, but an extension of her personal space, her essence, and of the things that make her “her.” This book will serve as an extension of the museum's exhibition, including photography and descriptions of purse contents through the decades of the 20th century, paired with drawings by Betsy Davis and historical fictions based on each drawing that conjure the life and habits of women of each era. 

November 2018



uncertain, but unafraid: contemporary portraits of the american south

Joshua Asante

As a photographer and musician, art informs most aspects of Joshua Asante’s life. Asante is a guitarist and lead vocalist for two bands, Velvet Kente and Amasa Hines. Whether he is behind a camera lens or onstage, the aim remains the same: clarity, positivity, and ascension through art. Et Alia is proud to work with him on his first book of photography, featuring images shot across the South.

Asante is a child of gospel and blues and yearning. In Uncertain, But Unafraid he revisits those refrains tirelessly, seeking them out in the faces and spirits of the people he’s encountered over the last decade and a half. 

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November 2018


Renaming the American Landscape

Derek Slagle

Renaming the American Landscape is a series of photographs documenting natural phenomena and human interactions in United States nature reserves. The images provide rare witnesses to a mass geese migration at Loess Bluffs National Wildlife in northwest Missouri—up to one million birds take part at its peak. However, Loess Bluffs was, until recently, named Squaw Creek, an example of how derogatory language was once routinely woven into the American landscape.

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Spring 2019

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Lacey Thacker and Sara Mitchell

Love, Local Little Rock takes readers on a food tour through Central Arkansas. From a buffalo farm raising the state’s only commercial buffalo to a local chocolatier receiving national recognition to a third-generation farm creating their own sustainable techniques, this book celebrates the growers, creators and food providers committed to creating a healthier and higher quality food experience for consumers.

One interviewee referred to the web of providers in Arkansas as “deep local” because this group of people all know and support each other. This new generation is taking Arkansas’ long agricultural history and putting their own spin on the future of the local movement.

Coming to Farmers Markets near you, Spring 2019

Closet Cases: LGBTIQ Writers on What We Wear

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Megan Volpert

"We shape our identity as LGBTIQ people by what we put on our bodies. We signal to each other with our clothes in silent community on the street. Jean jackets can be armor. Bracelets can be spiritual totems. A belt can save your life, or take it. So this is not merely a "fashion book." It's a collection of artifacts that testify to the power of fashion as a verb, to the complex and lovely strategies that govern what we do in the LGBTIQ community to build authentic selves that are both comfortable and seen."

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Spring 2020