Et Alia is a small press based in Little Rock, Arkansas, with publishing interests in three areas:

  • Local Histories: preserves and expands cultural memory in its diversity, especially valuing neglected and alternative histories.

  • Health and Wellness: places special emphasis on physical, spiritual, and environmental well-being; the series also gives voice to practitioners of holistic and alternative medicine.

  • Emerging Artists: gives voice to talented first-book authors.

We have published and have projects underway outside of Arkansas, but are especially interested in considering manuscripts with close ties to the state. We are primarily interested in nonfiction and children’s titles, and it is unlikely that we will publish a poetry collection, novel, or short story collection at this time. 


submissions for Closet Cases by Megan Volpert

Call for entries for Closet Cases: Queers on What We Wear by Megan Volpert closed on July 15, 2019. The 75 whose photographs and profiles have been accepted have been notified and the book will be published by Et Alia Press in spring 2020. For details and submissions portal, visit

GENERAL Submissions


Inquiries are welcome; unsolicited manuscripts are not. Please do not send complete manuscripts unless requested to do so.  If you've only written half your book, please wait to reach out to us until it is complete. 

Think we might be interested in your completed work and ready to submit?

  1. Order one of your potential future pressmate's books through our website. We are a small and supportive community, and we'd appreciate this signal that you're invested in the work of other writers in our circle as well as your own.

  2. Follow us on social media. (See above.)

  3. Reach out to us through the form below.

We are indeed a "small press," (read one-woman-show) which means that it may take us some time to get to your inquiry. Please be patient, but if you haven't heard from us within a couple of months, feel free to reach out again.

Et Alia publications may be ordered through our website book store with complimentary local delivery and free shipping, through Ingram or, or purchased in local stores. When you support small businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs thrive. Thank you for considering making purchases directly through Et Alia or small/family-owned businesses!

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authors on WORKING with Et Alia


bruce snow, author of Can Everybody Swim? A survival story from katrina's superdome

Upon returning my manuscript after the first round of broad edits, Erin and I would communicate usually twice a week throughout the months that I revised the work. Most of her edits were very useful and insightful. Any things I disagreed with, we would talk about, and by the time the book was done, we’d spent many constructive hours working together. We created a beautiful book that I’m very proud of

Philip Martin, Award-Winning Journalist, Critic, and Columnist for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and author of The President Next Door, Poems, Songs, and Journalism (2015)

Erin Wood knows that truth is always what comes first. The hardest but most essential thing for a writer is to be honest. Erin understands that implicitly, in her own work and in the editorial guidance she provides. 


F.H. Thurmond, author of Before I Sleep: A Memoir of Travel and Reconciliation (2012) and Ring of Five: A Novella & Four Stories ( 2015)

I've published two books with Et Alia Press in 2012 and 2015, and working with Et Alia on all stages of the publication process was a real pleasure. Every aspect of the publishing experience–from the superb editing talents of Erin Wood, to working with the publishers on design, illustrations, and marketing strategy–was handled with great professionalism and care. 

Chelsey Clammer’s essay, “Cut,” appears in Scars: An Anthology

As a writer, I have worked with many editors from a diverse range of literary journals and small presses. Some of the editors were pushy, some were pushovers. A few of them acted like they would rather have nothing to do with me. A few would consistently forget my name. But then there’s that rare and special bread of editors who know what they’re doing, who were born to do this. They are the editors who are actually interested in you and your story, editors such as the entire team at Et Alia Press. Aside from an engaging and helpful conversation I had with their editor Erin Wood about my essay—a conversation that would help to make me think differently about my writing—I have also grown into my writer self while under their guidance and through their expert advisement. When we worked through editing my essay, I was able to be at ease because I could just feel how I was handing my deeply personal essay to editors who were going to treat it kindly, treat it with respect, and who were determined to improve the ways in which an essay can reach out to the reader.

As an editor, I know how difficult it can be to convince a writer that her work is good, that those compliments weren’t fake, but testimonials to the ways in which they supported her work. My experience working with the editors at Et Alia Press was one that showed me how with the right kind of care and support my writing could thrive. I have become more confident in myself as a writer and editor after I saw how each editor was invested in my success. With Et Alia Press, I felt like my essay was treated with extreme love and excitement.

And there’s nothing comparable to the ways in which an editor’s confidence in her work proves to herself that she is, indeed, a writer. From this, I feel lucky—no—blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Et Alia Press.

Chelsey Clammer ( 's essay, "Cut," appears in Scars: An Anthology (Et Alia Press, 2015). She has been published in The Rumpus, Essay Daily, and The Water~Stone Review among many others. She is an award-winning essayist, and a freelance editor. Her second collection of essays, BodyHome, was published by Hopewell Publishing (2015).