7/22/16 Launch Party for Can Everybody Swim? A Survival Story from Katrina's Superdome

What was it actually like to live inside the Louisiana Superdome in the week following Hurricane Katrina? Bruce S. Snow's book is the first memoir written by a New Orleans resident to answer that question. 

Join Bruce and Et Alia Press for a reading, book signing, and launch party on Friday, July 22. 

News coverage surrounding Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath captured America’s rapt attention and swelled our hearts. Stories of lawlessness and violence still abound from the flooded City. Who can forget the Louisiana Superdome? Can Everybody Swim? takes you beyond the camera’s lens on a journey through the maelstrom. A shortage of cash combined with a fierce loyalty to protect the Gentilly neighborhood family home purchased by his Ecuadorian immigrant grandparents led the then twenty-five-year-old author and his family to remain in their City to weather the storm, including enduring six days in the infamous Superdome. Follow this family of four and a half as they survive the worst natural disaster of the 21st century.

Pre-order Can Everybody Swim? today from Et Alia, and your copy will arrive in about a week. It will be available for sale at the launch party for $16.95 on credit card or $17 cash.

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