Ring of Five


Ring of Five


When British Secret Intelligence (MI6) discovers a mole is betraying deadly secrets, it assigns its best agent to investigate. But what happens when the agent hides a secret of his own and the investigator becomes the investigated? Based on the story of British master spy Kim Philby, Ring of Five is a skillful blending of espionage, politics, love and betrayal.

I’m enormously impressed with Ring of Five. It is a beautifully constructed story that holds the attention—and the tension—to the end. This is all the more laudable as it’s a known story, but Thurmond makes the historical facts come dramatically alive. Ring of Five is a most engrossing and enjoyable read.

—Michael York, actor whose films include Cabaret and Austin Powers, and author of Accidentally on Purpose and A Shakespearean Actor Prepares

Ring of Five—a historically grounded thriller—is a marvelous novella with great characters and stunning dialogue. I especially admire the structure of the story: The narrative hierarchy and breaks are perfect.

—Michael Kleine, author of Searching for Latini

Frank Thurmond’s Ring of Five is a tightly controlled spy tale based on the true story of British spy Kim Philby. Thurmond’s fine-tuned ear for British dialogue matched with his attention to detail create a suspenseful narrative that not only keeps the reader engaged, but rings refreshingly true in a world of overdone, clichéd spy stories. Coupled with Ring of Five are four equally enjoyable short stories. From a young man’s first meeting with his dying father to the whimsical nature of love, Thurmond balances the spy world with an understated, yet sublime sampling of everyday life.

—Heather Sharfeddin, author of Blackbelly, Windless Summer, and Damaged Goods

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