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In addition to our Neglected Histories of Arkansas Contest publication and Erin Wood's Women Makers of Arkansas project, you can look forward to these titles forthcoming in 2018. 

The Fiery Searcher

The Fiery Searcher


Norman and Cheryl Lavers

Most people don't notice insects. If they do see one, there is first a look of revulsion, followed by a search for something to swat with. But naturalists and teachers Norman and Cheryl Lavers know that if people had any idea how intricate and fascinating the life stories of insects can be, they might alter their attitude. Through this premium color book, readers will be riveted by the incredible images taken over years of careful study and the stories thoughtfully collected about 100 Arkansas insects like The Fiery Searcher, The Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle, and the Ambush Bug. Prepare for your woodland walks to be forever changed. 

uncertain, but unafraid: contemporary portraits of the american south

Joshua Asante

As a photographer and musician, art informs most aspects of Joshua Asante’s life. Asante is a guitarist and lead vocalist for two bands, Velvet Kente and Amasa Hines. Whether he is behind a camera lens or onstage, the aim remains the same: clarity, positivity, and ascension through art. Et Alia is proud to work with him on his first book of photography, featuring images shot across the South.

Asante is a child of gospel and blues and yearning. In Uncertain, But Unafraid he revisits those refrains tirelessly, seeking them out in the faces and spirits of the people he’s encountered over the last decade and a half. 

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