Et Alia is a small press based in Little Rock, Arkansas, with publishing interests in three areas:

  • Local Histories: preserves and expands cultural memory in its diversity, especially valuing neglected and alternative histories.

  • Health and Wellness: places special emphasis on physical, spiritual, and environmental well-being; the series also gives voice to practitioners of holistic and alternative medicine.

  • Emerging Artists: gives voice to talented first-book authors.

We have published and have projects underway outside of Arkansas, but are especially interested in considering manuscripts with close ties to the state. We proudly share that eight of the books we've published by Arkansas authors have been or will be included in the Arkansas Literary Festival, two were featured in the Louisiana Book Festival, and one was part of Columbia University's Seminar in Narrative, Health, and Social Justice. 

All of our books are printed in the US and domestic printing is an area in which Et Alia is not willing to compromise. We are thankful for every purchase, but want to encourage support of small, local businesses through direct purchases via our website and through local retailers. These purchases provide greater financial sustainability so that we can continue publishing great projects and supporting our growing family of authors. 

Et Alia publications may be ordered through our website book store with free shipping, through Ingram or, or purchased in local stores. Please inquire about special discounts on bulk orders. 


We appreciate these businesses

for partnering with us for retail sales and events!